Budget 2023

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Hey Gateway Family!


As many of you already know, our vision is to guide people on the journey to follow Jesus! Our vision carries with it the weight of responsibility for us to be faithful stewards of the financial resources that God gives us. After much prayer and consideration, our pastoral team is excited to present to you our proposed budget for 2023.


As you pray and look over our the proposed budget, we want to draw your attention to a couple of items:

    • Staff Salaries: The decrease in retirement and insurance was due to Kyle's transition to Phoenix. We were paying for Kyle's health insurance as part of his salary as well as helping him to set aside money for retirement.

    • Partnership Support: The decrease in the budgeted amounts for partnership support in 2023 is a result of a few things:

      • NAMB - The North American Mission Board partnered with Gateway as an endorsed church plant for 5 years. Since Gateway has now turn 5, our funding from NAMB has run its course.

      • Outside Support - Part of growing up means you need to be able to support yourself. Gateway has been humbled and grateful for the generosity that many have shown us over the last 6 years. As we grow up, we as well need to become financially self sufficient. We have many that pray for us and for Columbia Falls weekly/monthly. However, every year some partners choose to decrease their financial support or cease their financial support all together. In 2023, we know of a couple faithful partners that are choosing to support other church plants which is why we have decreased our income from outside partners.

    • Travel: The decrease in those line items are due to us having not plans for 2023 to develop partners or attend the SBC Annual meeting.


The pastoral team is available to you to answer any questions or concerns following our worship gathering on December 4, and we will plan to vote on the approval of the proposed budget at the end of our worship gathering on Sunday, December 11. If you have any questions or concerns about our proposed budget, please do so prior to Sunday, December 11.



Your Pastoral Team

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